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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Bosquez Chiropractic & Wellness Center patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Michael Bosquez

Imagine being off work for over two months; already been through therapy and enough meds to start a drug store, cortisone shot, and still barely able to move much less knowing what the future holds or what exactly the problem is at the present. That’s where I was when I first came here. After my first visit I knew this is where I should have come right away as Dr. Bosquez not only explained to me what the problem was but also outlined a treatment plan we were going to follow. To make a long story short and after several more visits Dr. Bosquez did more for me in a matter of a couple weeks than other doctors did in months. A month after my first visit I was back to work with no restrictions and a whole new approach to daily life and activity. I can’t say enough about Dr. Bosquez and his staff for what they have done for me. Not only do I thank him but so does my family for allowing me to carry on with what I couldn’t do before.

Thomas – 06/19/06

I first came to Bosquez Chiropractic after an injury to my lower back. I had been told for years by many friends and co-workers to go to the chiropractor, but I couldn’t see how cracking bones would help fix the mainly muscular problem that caused my back to become misaligned.

In general, I would struggle for three weeks waddling around work, lying down when possible, and suffering through the pain. Finally, after an injury I could not account for, a staff member at the school recommended I come to see Dr. Bosquez. At this point, I was in so much pain I was willing to try anything.

The clinic was able to fit me in immediately that evening, and after reading other success stories, I had my spine scanned. Dr. Bosquez educated me on the reading of the scan, spoke to me about how the misalignment was affecting other areas in my body, including my nervous system, and gave me a copy of the scan. I allowed him to adjust my back.

After the first session, I immediately felt some relief. After seeing Dr. Bosquez only 3 times, I was able to resume normal function! It was a complete and utter miracle to me. I will never suffer again.

In addition to helping me with my back problems, Dr. Bosquez has suggested wellness techniques to assist my entire family. My son is currently seeing him for cranial adjustments that could affect the frequency of the petit-mal seizures that he is having. He also has adjusted my 4-year-old’s spine because it was shaped as a “C” causing his left foot to be one full inch shorter than his right. He now stands straight and is more active resuming normal activity. I didn’t even how he was misaligned.

My husband is also on an arsenal of medications from physicians to help with an imbalance of his triglyceride levels, gout, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Dr. Bosquez has suggested several natural vitamins to help my husband find more success without all the medications. My husband is NOT one of his patients, and the selflessness that Dr. Bosquez exhibits as he gives his advice, speaks volumes about the care he gives to family wellness. My husband, the classic “doubting Thomas”, is becoming a believer.

Laura – 11/15/06

After injuring my lower back while moving a sofa, I could barely walk. The pain and back spasms were so bad I had trouble getting up in the morning. I have never been to a chiropractor before but desperately needed some relief from the pain. I called BCWC and Dr. Bosquez agreed to see me during a lunch break. He gently began reducing the pain I was feeling through spinal adjustments and specific therapy treatments with the help of his professional staff. He also prescribed certain exercises for me to do on a daily basis. Now a short two weeks later I honestly feel stronger than before my injury and I have no more pain. Also, I have no back fatigue at the end of a day’s work. That to me is truly amazing. I am extremely delighted to have discovered the far reaching benefits of chiropractic care at BCWC.

Dan – 2/21/08

I am a 69 year old retired Registered Nurse that has had severe migraines since age 11. After three solid months of pain that I could not get away from….I called Dr. Bosquez.

That day changed my life and my only regret is that I waited so long to get help.

We worked together on a treatment plan that includes exercises that I do daily FAITHFULLY for the rest of my life, moist heat, careful treatment on my part of my head and neck, and treatments that he uses during my office visit. None of which include “snapping” of my neck that was my fear in the first place.

Since being with Dr. Bosquez I have not had a headache and have never been this pain free in my entire life. I see the doctor every two months and to this day I am still pain free. I will be forever grateful.

Ann – 6/4/09

Please consider this “success story” a strong recommendation for the Graston treatment. I had a total right knee replacement on 5/27/09 and was undergoing quite a bit of pain when walking during early July. So my neighbor suggested I consult a chiropractor. I performed an internet search and found Bosquez Chiropractic and Wellness Center and got really interested in the Graston treatment. Dr. Bosquez suggested between eight or nine treatments as he believed that there was a lot of crystallization within the muscles in my knee that were irritating the muscles as they would move over my knee when walking. I noticed  considerable improvement after the second treatment and by the end of the eighth treatment I was completely pain free.

Kurt – 9/21/09

I decided I should see a chiropractor before seeing a doctor after hearing the testimony of how a chiropractor helped someone dealing with the same issues as I. I chose Bosquez Chiropractic as my husband is a patient and my neighbor had also recommended him.

Many of my symptoms have to do with numbness in my dominant hand which is also the hand that controls the mouse. I am a secretary and have worked in an office atmosphere for more than 30 years.

I found Dr. Bosquez to be very knowledgeable and he treated me with great respect and took the time necessary for me to understand everything. He has never made me feel like my time was up. If I had more questions, he had more time to answer them.

By the time my third appointment rolled around I was noticing changes and the changes kept coming. My condition is continually improving due to exercises, his continued treatments and the use of a supplement to help with ligament damage.

I was always hesitant of chiropractors so this was a big step for me. I do not regret this decision and would definitely recommend BCWC to anyone.

Dawn – 12/30/09

After I had badly hurt my back I started calling around to chiropractic offices on the day of our big snow storm in December. It was about 4 p.m. in the afternoon. Because of the snow and the fact that I am a new patient, I did not expect to find an appointment. The staff at Bosquez was sincere and helpful in trying to see me as soon as possible. I was into the doctor the next day. I think that myself and the Bosquez staff were the only people on the road that morning!

The doctor diagnosed my back discomfort and started to do some adjustments and therapy that began to loosen my muscles right away. I had several visits to fully correct my misaligned spine. After a little over a month of adjustments, exercises, therapy and wellness coaching my back is feeling better than ever.

I like the fact that Dr. Bosquez promotes the body’s self healing ability. I will return to BCWC with any chiropractic related problems and would be willing to send my friends and family also. Thank you for the friendly and professional help you and your staff provide.

Lee – 1/12/10

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